Residential Locksmith Atlanta


We specialize in Residential Locksmith
needs. Some of the needs we cover for homes
are Lock Replacement, Key Replacement,
unlocking door in event of lost key. Click the
button below for all our Residential Services.

Car Locksmith Atlanta


Here at J&M we provide
top quality Automotive Locksmith Services.
No matter the make or model we can
pick the lock if you locked yourself out, re
make any type of car key, whether they’re
Transponder Keys, Fob Keys, Slider
Keys, or Wafer Keys. Click below to
see all the Automotive Services we provide.

commercial locksmith atlanta ga


We have a mobile unit that will
be at your office within the hour for any of
your Commercial needs.
Whether you left your keys at home, or
the office needs all the locks to be changed
and replaced. For more information, click
below for your Commercial Locksmith

The Atlanta Locksmith you can count on

J&M locksmith is the Atlanta Locksmith you can count on. Whether you need an Automotive, Residential, or Locksmith we will service your needs. If your problem is associated with a door or a lock we can fix your issue. With our 24/7 services you never have to worry about being locked out again. J&M is the best in the business. You can trust and rely on us as all our customers do. They are always 100% satisfied with the work we provide for them. We also offer very competitive rates and are one of the cheapest Locksmith in Atlanta.

If you ever lost your car keys or had them stolen, we offer Car Key Replacements on most makes and models, and if we can’t make it we can easily order it for you.

Professional Locksmith

If you are locked our of your car, home, or place of business J&M Locksmith has your back.

Affordable Price

We are a professional locksmith company that offers services for any of your lockout needs, and we do this at an affordable price always!

24/7 Services

If you are in emergency situation, please do not worry. We provide 24/7 service. Whenever you call, we service you.

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Brands That Trust J&M Locksmith

Why Should You Choose Our Locksmith Atlanta Services?

Browsing for professional locksmiths in Atlanta can be a time-consuming endeavor. Nonetheless, when you take into consideration some essential characteristics, you cannot go wrong. The most important aspect is, of course, the experience – which is what places JM Locksmith above our competition.

Immediate Assistance Whenever You Need It

Unfortunately, you can never anticipate when you will need the assistance of a professional locksmith. Such incidents are never planned or expected. This is why you may browse for a 24/7 locksmith, so that the problem can be solved right away. And we get you – most people look for fast and efficient assistance.

So, we have your back covered, as we provide our services round-the-clock. No matter when you have a locksmith emergency, you should contact us. We boast being a top 24 hour locksmith Atlanta. At the same time, you can schedule an appointment with us on the same day, meaning that your problem will be taken care of right away.


You should be able to trust the locksmith you’re collaborating with. That’s because the locks should be always safely and professionally installed so that you don’t have to deal with any future complications.

We treat each case with great seriousness and professionalism so that your problem is solved promptly. Our reputation among locksmiths in Atlanta is proof of our dedication to our customers.

We Offer a Wide Range of Services

It’s also worth noting that locksmiths in Atlanta Georgia facilitate a wide range of services. Evidently, these services usually depend on the client’s needs. However, we’d like to outline the main types of services we provide.

With that in mind, we can assist you if you have problems with opening your car, or if you want to repair the consequence of a house break-in. Concurrently, when it comes to installing emergency exit systems, we can help you right away. At the same time, people who want to replace their alarms might look for a cheap locksmith Atlanta – we offer assistance in this matter as well.

That is not all, though; our list is more comprehensive. We also deal with jammed locks and lockouts. Truth be told, these are some of the most common situations for which people contact a locksmith in Atlanta. So, by all means, you shouldn’t panic if you end up in this situation. Instead, you must contact a professional and the situation will be resolved right away.

Simultaneously, we provide master key solutions. We can also help you with installing and upgrading security solutions.

As you can see, we are safety-oriented. This means that you can reach out to us for help with all these problems.

Break-in Repairs – Whenever You Need Them

In the case of a break-in, the locks will inevitably suffer damage – in some cases, it is more severe than in others. And while it is true that, in some situations, the damaged lock can be repaired, the problem must be addressed right away, to ensure that the lock works as expected.

On that note, we are among the Atlanta locksmiths that provide immediate assistance, especially in the case of break-in repairs, whether it’s about your locks, keys or another type of hardware. Our services are fast so that you can rest assured that your property isn’t left at risk and unlocked when you have to leave the house. We understand this, and we’ll help you as soon as possible.

Key Duplication – We Are Here to Help

If you’re looking for a locksmith Midtown Atlanta to duplicate a set of keys, we would gladly assist you in this respect, as well. While this isn’t a necessity for most people, having an extra set of keys can be quite helpful. These will come in handy when you’re planning to leave the house for traveling. Simply having a set of extra keys is useful, too, just in case.

The Importance of Choosing a Reliable Atlanta Locksmith

Keeping your home safe is critical. Evidently, you want to be 100 percent that your home cannot be entered by whoever whenever – which is where our locksmith services come in. Therefore, the person that you choose to handle the task should be professional, experienced and capable of completing the task quickly.

Thus, if you’re on the lookout for a locksmith Atlanta that can complete the job accordingly, look no further than J&M Locksmith – you won’t be disappointed. We strive to meet the highest standards when it comes to quality, professionalism, attention to detail and efficacy of service.

Good Price-Quality Ratio

When choosing a lock smith Atlanta, you want to be 100 percent certain that you aren’t overpaying for the services that are provided to you. To that end, we assure you that our prices are directly proportional to the quality of the work we offer.

Contacting the first locksmith that comes your way might be your first impulse. But this might mean that you won’t get the very best the market has to offer in terms of Atlanta GA locksmiths.

This is why we could argue that it always pays off to take a couple of minutes to compare and contrast the prices on the marketplace, to make sure that you’ve made a sensible decision price-wise. However, the company’s expertise, experience level, and customer feedback are just as important. You can contact us anytime in order to get more information about locksmith Atlanta services and our pricing system.

Contact Us – We Will Gladly Help You

If you’re looking for locksmiths Atlanta GA that are reliable, professional and experienced, you can be sure that J&M Locksmith addresses these essential conditions. Feel free to contact us via phone and we will help you the best we can.

A locksmith Atlanta GA that offers good value for the money, while proper advanced tools and expertise can be hard to find – luckily, we are here to help you. We are looking forward to hearing from you so that we can make your locksmith-related problems go away. Our positive feedback stands as a confirmation of your dedication to solving our customer’s problems!