Lock Repair

Locks represent the main security system of every closed space. These have existed since ancient times and have evolved during the centuries. However, their purpose has remained the same – to keep your belongings in safety. While traditional locks are being operated by keys, their electronic counterparts have more advanced control systems that let you avoid certain issues, like, for example, these getting stuck and breaking inside of the lock. Keys, cards, codes, and mobile devices represent different methods of control for a unified system. There has not been invented anything more convenient and cost-effective than the good old lock. The problems appear when these start to malfunction. In this situation you can’t count on luck. In this article, we will describe situations that require door and lock repair assistance.

Should you attempt to repair the malfunctioning lock?

We wouldn’t be able to provide a definite answer to that. First of all, a professional technician would have to identify and analyze the problem. House door lock repair requires professional approach when the problem is serious. Even with simpler problems, you may experience difficulties in identifying the cause of the malfunction. With JM-Locksmith, our technicians will assist you as quickly as possible, ensuring the proper work of the security means. Quite often a repair is not enough and lock replacement may be necessary.

When is it necessary to repair the lock?

When the lock starts showing signs of wear, you have to think of repairing or replacing it. Usually, this is not difficult to identify. If you’re operating the lock on a regular basis, you’ll notice slight changes. Some locks may be damaged due to increased rate of usage while others may be just too old. If you’re spending a lot of time trying to operate the lock, you may need to repair it and increase its efficiency. A lock and key repair service will provide quick assistance even in the more difficult cases.

How fast can we repair a lock?

JM-Locksmith technicians will need around 20 to 30 minutes to deal with a damaged lock. At the same time, it depends on the model of the lock. These are all different and the estimated time will also depend on the complexity of the required work. Typically, lock repair services will be able to solve the problem quicker if they have more information and feedback from their client. Readjusting the external parts would not require substantial efforts while dealing with the internal mechanisms is a more complex task. Regardless of the issue, we will provide even electronic lock repair services as fast as possible. While speed is important, we also care about the quality of our work.

What if the lock doesn’t turn in the lock?

That’s one of the most frequent problems everybody is experiencing with locks. This may suggest that there is a more serious issue that needs to be taken care of but there’s one thing you can try. By lubricating the keyway, you may solve the issue. We would suggest doing this before calling for assistance. In case this doesn’t work, our JM-Locksmith technicians are ready to inspect the situation and find an efficient solution for it. Lock repair is one of our main aptitudes.

How to deal with a broken key in the lock?

By applying too much pressure on the key when trying to turn it, you may be risking of breaking it inside of the mechanism. This is not an uncommon problem. When this happens, it is important to stay calm and call for backup. We are always ready to assist you with broken key repair. The lock mechanism may also be damaged, which means that you won’t be able to deal it by yourself. In case there is a visible hanging part that can be gripped, our technicians will pull it out gently, making sure that they key is lubricated beforehand. In case there’s nothing hanging out, our technicians will use the broken key extractor tool for more difficult cases. This allows us to assist the situation without damaging the internal components of the lock. Our door lock repair service will also work extremely carefully to keep your property intact.

Assisting different types of locks

Locks are not located solely on entrance doors. These are universal security tools that are used for multiple purposes. We have the necessary experience to deal with various types of locks. Our service include magnetic door lock repair, patio door lock repair, power door lock repair, remote key repair, residential lock repair, sliding door lock repair and many other. In case your safe’s lock is not providing the same level of security and you’re having concerns, it would be best to check its potency and come up with a solution to fix it. Most safes have a very specific locking system that doesn’t allow nonprofessionals to operate it. For commercial door lock repair, you need a team you can trust. We take responsibility in big and complex requests that require a qualified approach. For electronic door lock repair is necessary to assign a maintenance schedule if these are being operated on a regular basis. Repairing these by yourself is virtually impossible and only a professional locksmith has the necessary knowledge.

How to determine if your lock requires professional assistance?

Before trying to contact JM-Locksmith, you need to inspect your lock and see if there’s a way you could solve the issue. Troubleshooting your lock will not take much time. All you need to do is try to lubricate the keyway or try adjusting the strike plate. If these quick solutions don’t work, then try simply to provide us as much information as possible. This will save your time and our team of technicians will be better prepared for quality assistance. Our lock repair service specializes in all kinds of issues associated with keys and locks. If you need quick assistance, you can contact us by submitting a form on our website or by using the telephone number. Our locksmiths will find the best solution for you!
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