Key Replacement

What happens when you lose your keys? That’s not a rare occurrence and you need to have a plan for situations like these. This issue may be time-consuming and nerve wrecking unless you know what to do. At JM-Locksmith we often deal with lost car and home keys. We also get a big number of inquiries related to broken key replacement. It’s incredible how easily a key may break inside the lock when you apply a little too much pressure. In case a fragment of the key is stuck inside the lock and there’s no way to pull it out, then you definitely need the assistance of a professional locksmith service. For an accurate key replacement cost calculations, you need to get in touch with the service first. JM-Locksmith has an official price-list published on its website with most of the services being covered. Of course, the final price also depends on the complexity of work and time required for labor. Who is providing lost car key replacement services? If you’re asking for a cheaper alternative, we can provide you a comparison of the possible options and then you will be able to decide for yourself which one suits your budget and your needs the best. We will start with the services dealing with transponder key replacement. In case you’re fed up with searching for your lost car keys, you have the following options:

Locksmith key replacement

In terms of saving money and quality of work, this would be the best options. Professional locksmith companies have all the necessary tools and expertise to deal with this sort of issues. As a rule, these are not limited to a single car manufacturer. Specific software is required for transponder chip key replacement. Choose only a certified service for this purpose. JM-Locksmith specializes in replacement of car keys and also can help with lockouts. The mobile service will assist you promptly with unlocking your vehicle in a safely manner. That’s also the fastest option because locksmiths are specialized in this kind of tasks and bigger companies have more staff to complete these tasks on time.

An automotive locksmith service is also capable of assisting with the following:

  • Open the car door when you’ve lost your keys or these were trapped inside;
  • Replace lost keys even if you don’t have the original one;
  • Create new spare keys for most car models;
  • Reprogram Key Fobs;
  • Replace or repair damaged or malfunctioning car locks;
  • Repair the damaged keys;
A remote key replacement is not something you’ll have to worry about once you find a service that suits your necessities.

The Provider of Car Insurance

Typically, the car insurance doesn’t cover the damaged, lost or stolen keys. Depending on the car insurance provider and their terms and conditions, there may be some coverage related to the keys. If there’s none then the procedure is going to be very costly. Your no claim bonus may take a hit if you decide to push on the company there’s no statement saying that they can help you with that. If you have premium coverage then you could try to do this through them and inquire the assistance. However, additional costs may apply here depending on the necessity of spare parts and car model. There’s also a standalone policy for the coverage of car keys. This may not offer coverage for stolen keys. In some cases, the insurance companies are cooperating with automotive locksmith services to get the job done. In case you’d like to save some money, you can request the assistance directly from this service.

Roadside Assistance

In case you experience any problems while on the road, there is a specific type of assistance that you can request. There is no telling whether they will be able to help you out right away. This depends on the type of key and the correct equipment may not be available at that moment. This could lead to long delays and possibly a subsequent trip to the locksmith service. In case you can do it from the very beginning, then you’ll be able to save a lot of time and possibly money. The roadside assistance doesn’t usually carry a large array of diagnostic and key programming equipment. You cannot hope for emergency key replacement in a situation like this. Try to check first with a locksmith service and describe everything in detail. An automotive locksmith service has more experience in dealing with electronic key replacement and lock problems.

Franchise Car Dealership

Car dealership is another option which may turn out to be the costliest one. It’s also not necessary that they will have all the necessary diagnostic equipment for that. Also, you may end up spending more time on solving this issue. If you’re hoping to get cheap key replacement then check first with a locksmith service to compare the cost. Usually car dealerships are working with them in order to solve the issue.

A Local Garage

Most local garages may simply lack the necessary diagnostic and coding equipment for new key replacement. These usually don’t work very fast and may be more expensive. If you don’t like waiting, then it would be better to check with a specialized locksmith service that has the experienced staff for this kind of tasks.

What about house key replacement?

The same principle works here. The problem with stolen or lost keys is very relevant here, and if you want the issue to be addressed as fast as possible, then it’s better to leave the key replacement work to professionals. JM-Locksmith understands the value of time in these situations and guarantees prompt assistance. For lost house key replacement you only need to contact the service and specify your request. You can do it either by using the phone number indicated on the website 404-824-3777 or fill in the form and request assistance.
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