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commercial locksmith atlanta ga

The Best Commercial Locksmith Atlanta, GA Services

Commercial locksmith services are much different than the services we offer for our residential locksmith clients. This is because the locking mechanisms used by businesses consist of much higher quality security measures and they must be adherent to various government and building standards.

There are quite a few reasons as to why the hardware used in commercial buildings needs to be different than those used in residential buildings. Some of these reasons are:

  • Higher usage means that the locking mechanisms undergo frequent use. Various components like doors, keys and locks need to be made to last in commercial settings.
  • Insurance companies require that businesses have the latest security measures implemented in order to reduce claims. These insurance companies require that commercial locks meet specific standards, otherwise resulting in failure to insure said commercial properties.
  • Fire code requirements  Because commercial properties have higher traffic, they must abide by fire code laws that are meant to protect lives. A commercial property usually must have equipment installed that makes it easy to use, even in limited vision situations.
  • Privacy laws Businesses are required to have high security measures installed in order to maintain their client customer safe, as well as being able to keep internal company information private.

J&M Locksmith offers commercial locksmith services in Atlanta, GA that can meet all of your needs. Our mobile technicians are thoroughly trained and highly experienced in installing, repairing and replacing commercially graded products.