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J&M locksmith is the Atlanta Locksmith you can count on. Whether you need an Automotive, Residential, or Locksmith we will service your needs. If your problem is associated with a door or a lock we can fix your issue. With our 24/7 services you never have to worry about being locked out again. J&M is the Atlanta Locksmith that you can trust and rely on as all our customers are always 100% satisfied with the work we provide for them. We also offer very competitive rates and are one of the cheapest Locksmith in Atlanta.

If you ever lost your car keys or had them stolen, we offer Car Key Replacements on most makes and models, and if we can’t make it we can easily order it for you.

Professional Locksmith

If you are locked our of your car, home, or place of business J&M Locksmith has your back.

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If you are in emergency situation, please do not worry. We provide 24/7 service. Whenever you call, we service you.

Affordable Price

We are a professional locksmith company that offers services for any of your lockout needs, and we do this at an affordable price always!

J&M Locksmith Services:

We service Automotive, Residential, and Commerical!

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Why J&M is the best Atlanta Locksmith?

Locks are critical in raising security features within a building or property. However, the same locks can make it hard for you to access your home or office; or may even make you feel insecure. At J&M Atlanta Locksmiths, we are extensively trained and educated to know the ins and outs of locking systems and there are a variety of instances in which you can find our services being appropriate for your situation.


They are the most widely common events that require a locksmith. Locking yourself out of your home can happened when you lose your keys or you’ve just locked your keys in the house. In any case, J&M locksmith offers emergency services around the clock so you can get back inside your home.


Another great time to utilize the services of a locksmith is when you are moving into a new residence. Previous owners or their family members could have copies of their keys, and thus could enter your home in the future. To know that you are secure, it’s best to have the locks changed and J&M locksmith will always deliver the best residential service.


Once a break-in has occurred on your property, the most sensible thing to do is install new improvements to your current locking system. You can have new and advanced locks installed by J&M locksmith and even have extra measures taken to enhance the security on your doors and windows that protect your home, valuables, and family.


There are circumstances where having more than one key proves useful. Whether multiple people in your household need a key or you need someone to check on your home while you’re on vacation; J&M locksmith offers key duplication to fit any of your needs.¬†


If you have lost your keys and you don’t want to change the locks, our locksmiths can help in cutting new keys for your locks. They will begin by picking the lock to get you inside. Afterwards, we will use the lock’s dimensions to cut a brand new key for you.¬†¬†

Reasons to pick a trustworthy locksmith

With matters concerning safety and security, it is critical to know a trustworthy locksmith to give your home or car the most ideal security. Locksmiths are vital in giving top-of-the-line security to your home, business, or vehicle.

You can keep your assets and family secured every minute of every day 

If you have access to a trustworthy locksmith in Atlanta, then it will put your mind at rest knowing he is dependable in making your home secure, and able prevent a break-in or a robbery.

You can call J&M locksmith in an emergency situations 

You never know when you may get locked out of your home or vehicle. You also don’t know when your relatives will forget their home keys inside their home. Also, if there is an accident and you need to get into your car, then a locksmith will help you in these circumstances.

You will be updated with the most recent security alternatives 

Locating a trustworthy locksmith in Atlanta and bookmark his site to keep yourself updated with the most recent accessible security choices for your auto and home is great. Today, innovation is getting increasingly advanced and individuals are anticipating to protecting their homes, business structures, and cars with the most secure and top of the line security systems. 

Get the quality results you want without overpaying 

In an emergency, you will contact whatever locksmith you see first since you are feeling vulnerable at the time. In doing this, you cannot know that you have chosen a trustworthy, dependable locksmith. It is the greatest oversight that individuals frequently make and it costs them a considerable amount as far as cash and security laps. Saving J&M locksmiths number can save you from these security concerns. 


Protecting your home and business are priorities to J&M locksmith. They strive to make everything as secure as could be expected under the circumstances. If you are searching for an Atlanta locksmith you can never go wrong with J&M locksmith.